Here's our Roadmap

Having published our Sustainability strategy, Our Planet, Our Duty, at the end of 2020, Mercury has set its sights on being a responsible business and committed to an ESG journey with its sustainability goals aligning with UN SDGs.

Our Sustainability dashboard is based on our four Sustainability Duties: Being an employer of choice, Maintaining responsible partnerships, Minimized environmental footprint and Local community well-being.

Our commitment to our sustainability journey and being a responsible business is a central aspect of how we conduct our business.

We have conducted a materiality survey in 2020 with key stakeholders and we will conduct them every two years going forward. The 2020 results show great correlation between the topics that are important to our customers and those that are important to our employees. The results are important in prioritising our sustainability objectives for the following two years.

Materiality Survey Results drive Sustainability Focus

Our roadmap framework includes a focus on these 4 sustainability duties highlighting specific outcomes we strive to achieve:

Being an employer of choice Included in this area would be our initiatives around equality, diversity and inclusion, making learning and educational opportunities available to employees helping them grow in their careers and learn new skills. Looking after employee well-being is also a part of this sustainability duty.

Maintaining Responsible Partnerships Remaining responsive to our clients' needs and supporting their sustainability objectives, we also work with our supply chain and subcontractor partners to support them on their journeys towards being responsible in their practices and decisions impacting sustainability outcomes.

Minimized Environmental Footprint This duty includes a focus on greenhouse gas emissions caused by our buildings, vehicles, and operations. We also pay attention to our waste management approaches, being energy efficient and being mindful of biodiversity.

Local Community Well-Being Supporting local organizations around our sites to benefit the quality of life for those living in those communities, is a priority for us. We support initiatives around supplies for schools, maintaining healthy lifestyles, and fundraising for organizations working to improve the well-being of people in need of food, shelter, mental health support, etc.

Being inclusive means raising employee awareness of our sustainability initiatives through communication and training to improve decision-making leading to a better world. Inclusion also means treating all our stakeholders with fairness and respect at all times.

We participate in the annual questionnaire for the Carbon Disclosure Project and we have committed to setting our carbon emission reduction targets. At this time, we are collecting and modeling data to understand our carbon emissions in Scope 3 better. This includes all carbon emissions coming from indirect sources like purchased goods, fuel and energy-related activities, waste generated in operations, employee commuting, and business travel.


We believe that we each have a role to play in contributing to the sustainable development of our planet. With this in mind, we have launched Our Planet, Our Duty, our Responsible Business plan.

Our Planet, Our Duty is our promise to help create a more sustainable environment around us. It forms one of the foundation blocks of Beyond50, our five-year plan to push further and take Mercury beyond our 50th year in business.

Our five platforms of Responsible Business are:

1. Environment & Climate Change

2. People, Wellbeing & Safety

3. Technology & Innovation

4. Operations & Value Chain

5. Society & Community